Interim Management

kennyInterim Management – can be described as a temporary management, “Rent a Manager”

Interim management is a fast and cost-effective way to staff a particular mission or service that requires advanced skills for a limited period.

By renting a manager, the company get increased flexibility and capacity to handle complex challenges and to implement changes.


Interim Management is used in several different contexts including;
– Longer sick leave or parental leave.
– Managing projects, implementing new processes or systems.
– Lead the change, expansion or liquidation of a business.
– The company is for sale.

Whatever the need, the client may always expect that an interim manager can immediately bring support and added value. Interim Management often means you get an over-qualified person who can transfer knowledge and experience to the organization, the added value then remains in the company even after the assignment.
Bizztool provides interim management roles as CEO, COO, Sales and IT management

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